Game Reschedules

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Coordinators and coaches, please read to familiarize yourself with the policy.  Thanks.


  1. Games will be postponed due to illness, school event, or gym closure.  If a game cannot be played due to any other reason, it is considered a forfeit.  PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE LEAGUE REQUESTING A RESCHEDULE BECAUSE PARENTS ARE CHOOSING TO TRAVEL OR CHOOSING TO PLAY IN A LACROSSE TOURNAMENT, etc ...
  2. Coordinators, not coaches, should contact the league as soon as they are aware of a legitimate reason to postpone the game
  3. The league will attempt to fill any gaps in the schedule at the gym by moving the first or last game of the day into that gym slot if the postponement is communicated to the league before 8pm on Tuesday for Friday games, 8pm on Wednesday for Saturday and Sunday games.  Please note that if the gap is in the middle of the day for a gym with a large amount of games, we will most likely not fill the gap as we don't want to reschedule a game by 5 hours with only 2 days notice


  1. The coordinator of the team that postponed the game should get in touch with the coordinator of the opposing team to work out a reschedule
  2. Reschedules must be communicated to the league before Wednesday at 8pm for games that upcoming weekend (8pm on Tuesday night for Friday night games)
  3. Games must be rescheduled adjacent to an existing set of games. 
  4. Games can be rescheduled during the week if a time during the weekend does not work out for both teams (Monday and Wednesday nights are preferable) if at least two games are played that evening and must be communicated to the league at least 3 days before the game.