Basketball Season Dates Finalized

After much discussion and feedback taken from a parish/school-wide survey, the calendar for the upcoming 2019-20 basketball season has been finalized. Games will begin on the weekend of December 7th and the Christmas break will take place on the weekends of December 21st and 28th. Games will resume on January 3rd. The entire timeline can be found on the Boys Basketball page or the Girls Basketball page.

Here are some highlights:

  • Nov 2: practices may begin
  • Dec 6: regular season begins
  • Dec 21: no regular season games this weekend
  • Dec 28: no regular season games this weekend
  • Jan 4: regular season play resumes, the league will try to only schedule at most one game per team this weekend and games will be scheduled on Sunday first and then Saturday/Friday that weekend
  • Feb 13-16:  3rd-4th grade (and 5th boys) tournament
  • Feb 20-23:  6th-8th grade (and 5th girls) tournament